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Negative Effects of Silicone In Hair Products

 silicone in hair products

Silicone in Hair Products

Silicone is a key ingredient in hair products sold around the world. It is used to achieve shiny, silky and smooth hair. Silicone is widely used by manufactures in their hair products due to its abundance and low cost. However, did you know that silicone have negative effects on your hair?


What is Silicone?

Let’s start with some information about silicones. The silicones found in your favourite hair products are; methicone, phenyl trimethicone, dimethicone, cyclomethicone and dimethicone copolyol. Furthermore, silicone is not a natural ingredient and is non-biodegradable which can be harmful for the environment. Silicone in the ingredients can easily be identified by the “cone” at the end of the word.


How Does It Work?

Silicone has similar characteristics of plastic and rubber. It forms a layer around the hair shaft giving an artificial shine and silky feel. After initial applications, your hair will appear healthy and strong. However continuous use of the product adds multiple layers of silicone. This brings us to the negative effects due to the silicone layers hiding the true condition of your hair.

The silicone layer prevents moisture, air and other nutrients to enter the hair shaft resulting to dry, frizzy and brittle hair overtime. Multiple layers of silicone adds significant weight to the hair resulting to a loss in volume. One may argue that the barrier can lock in moisture, but it can also trap bacteria, sweat, dirt, sebum and dead skin cells! All these congestion can lead to skin irritation, hair shedding and acne. Lastly, silicones are tricky to wash due to its water insoluble characteristic so it will take a few tries to fully eliminate them from your hair.

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What Should I Do?

Leave silicone behind! There are many silicone free hair products available to choose from. However, keep in mind that not all silicone free hair products are the same. Know what to look for and do research carefully. The brand I recommend is Color & Soin. Manufactured in France by 3 Chenes laboratories. They offer a full line of hair colour, shampoos and hair balm. Not only is it “silicone free” but are free of other harmful chemicals like Paraben. Color & Soin is enriched with natural plant extracts such as ginseng, soy protein, wheat, oats, corn working together to strengthen and hydrate hair. The brand position is on the health and care of hair rather than solely on beauty and fashion side.


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