Do You Know Why Some Makeup Products Are More Expensive Than Others?

  • Manufacturers talk about “Higher Quality”

    Beauty is the splendour of truth. (Plato)
  • What does “Higher Quality” in makeup products mean?

There are many reasons, one major one is the ingredients used in the process of manufacturing the makeup products. For example, Nickel, Chromium, Mercury, Cobalt & Palladium are potentially toxic metals that might pollute the ingredients of cosmetics. Credible manufacturers test their products to make sure they are free from these toxic metals. And these tests cost money.

On the other hand it would be smart to add some useful & beneficial ingredients to the products. Considering that the makeup product is meant to stay on the face for a long time, it can be a “substance delivery medium” to the skin. For example some products contain Vitamin E or Vitamin C. Imagine your makeup delivering these beneficial substances to your face while you are wearing them!! That’s cool. And this costs money as well.

BioNike® is one of those brands considering the above facts along with many other details in presenting its cosmetic products.

ICIM International is the Italian manufacturer of BioNike® with 50 years of history.

Beside every detail to be considered in the manufacturing of each product, all of BioNike® products are:

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  • Preservative free
  • Gluten free
  • Nickel tested
  • And the majority are also Fragrance free

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Let’s watch a video about “Fashion Makeup” by BioNike® with tips to give a trendy modern look.



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