“BioNike® for the Sake of Sensitive Skin”

🔴”BioNike® for the Sake of Sensitive Skin”

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✅ ICIM International is an Italian company founded in Milano in the 1930s as a pharmaceutical company and is today renowned in Italy and abroad thanks to BioNike®, a leading dermo-cosmetic brand.
✅ BioNike® means “Victory of Life” and communicates its mission: to design and offer innovative quality solutions, supported by science, to preserve the health and beauty of skin, especially when it is sensitive, allergic and reactive, so to accompany its consumers in their everyday life by making them feel better with their skin.
✅ All of BioNike® products are PRESERVATIVE Free, GLUTEN Free, NICKEL Tested & the majority of the products are FRAGRANCE Free as well.
✅ BioNike® made in Italy
• Read more at: www.bionike.it
• Buy in Canada from:amazon or bluesky-best.ca
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