Deefine® FFP2 Particulate Respirator, (N95 Face Mask), 5/pack


FFP2 (N95) Respirator – Protective Face Mask Against Aerosol Particles with Nano Filter

  • Foldable respirator (Face Mask) without Valve
  • 5 filter layers including nano-fibre membrane & non-woven fabric
  • 3 micron filtration, 95% Aerosol Particle Protection
  • Appropriate for COVID 19 Coronavirus
  • European Standard EN 149:2001 approved, CE marked
  • Adjustable nose clip embedded, Dual soft ear strap
  • Effective layer is Nano-fiber technology
  • Product Code: NFMSK01

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Nanofiber Respirator (Face Mask) FFP2 (N95) 

  • This product is an approved respirator according to European Standard EN 149:2001. Check out the certificate of this mask (Model NFMSK01) here: Deefine FFP2 NFMSK01 CE certificate
  • According to the above standard (EN149:2001), FFP2 stands for “F”iltering “F”ace “P”iece and the “2” stands for the filtering score. There are 3 levels: P1, P2, P3.
  • FFP1 filters at least 80% of particles that are 0.3 micron in diameter or larger,
  • FFP2 at least 94%,
  • FFP3 at least 99%.
  • “N95” is the most commonly mentioned respirator (mask) and is the American standard managed by NIOSH (National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health), part of CDC.
  • FFP2 is the European equivalent of N95. (and KN95 is the Chinese equivalent of N95)

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  • Wash hands before wearing the mask, or avoid touching the lining of the mask while wearing it to reduce the possibility of contamination.
  • Clearly distinguish the inside and outside/upside and downside of the mask.
  • Adjust the nose clip to give a snug fit around the nose.
  • The mask should be lie snugly on smooth skin of the face with no leaks.
  • The mask should cover both the mouth and the nose.
  • Simple test: put on the mask, inhale & exhale, the mask should inflate with exhalation and deflate with inhalation.
  • Do not squeeze the mask. Mask can only isolate the virus on its outer surface, if mask squeezed, the virus might mix with the droplets and humidity, causing infection.
  • Beard should be shaved and nothing should interfere with the mask clinging to the face. Even a one day grown beard can cause leakage.
  • The mask should be changed once breathing gets difficult.


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