HF Treatment for Snoring

Stiffening of Soft Palate

The bipolar RFITT CelonProSleep plus applicator is used to puncture the soft palate muscle at precise positions, and in so doing, coagulates its submucosal tissue.

A tightening of the palatine tissue can be expected within approximately four weeks. As a result, the vibration of the soft palate is reduced, largely eliminating the main cause of habitual snoring. Usually, only one to two treatment sessions are needed.

Shortening of Uvula/Webbing

Additionally the CelonProCut accessories can be used efficiently to reduce the uvula and the soft palate mucous membrane in selective cases of habitual snoring.

In this procedure the uvula is held by forceps, which also serve as a return electrode.

The fine cutting electrode ensures fast and precise cutting. The palatine muscle remains largely intact, while the risk of tissue bleeding at the palatine arch and the enlarged uvula is low. As a result, the breathing passage is significantly expanded.