10 Cause of snoring | Why do we snore?

Why do we snore? What is the Cause of snoring?

Snoring is a relatively loud sound due to the passage of air through the throat tissue, causing the tissues to vibrate slightly when breathing. For some people, this snoring can cause chronic problems and is sometimes a sign of a critical problem. Most of the time, it also annoys the person who sleeps next to us.

Lifestyle changes such as weight loss, avoiding alcohol, especially near bedtime, can stop snoring. Medications and surgery can reduce these disturbing snoring. Of course, these actions are not necessary for everyone who snores.


Cause of snoring | What are the snoring reasons?

Snoring occurs due to various factors such as the anatomy of the mouth and sinuses, alcohol consumption, allergies, colds, and weight.


When your light sleep is turning into a deep sleep, the muscles of the roof of your mouth, tongue, and throat relax. These tissues inside the throat can relax enough for the airflow to close and vibrate. The narrower the airflow path, the more force there is to allow airflow to pass through, which increases tissue vibration and causes longer snoring.

why do we snore? cause snore

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The following conditions can affect airflow and cause snoring:

Cause of snoring (1) | Oral anatomy:

The thick and low roof of the mouth can narrow the airway. People who are overweight have extra tissue in the back of their throats that makes the airway narrow. The triangular part of this tissue hangs from the roof of the mouth, which can trap airflow and cause vibration and snoring.

Cause of snoring (2) | Alcohol consumption :

Snoring also occurs due to alcohol consumption, especially before bedtime. Alcohol relaxes the muscles of the throat and snoring is the result of a natural defense against the passage of air currents.

Cause of snoring (1) | Nasal problems and allergies:

Chronic nasal congestion can also lead to snoring.

Cause of snoring (4) | Rhinoplasty

Cause of snoring (5) |Sleep Disorders:

Not getting enough sleep causes the throat to relax too much.

Cause of snoring (6) | Sleeping position:

Snoring usually increases when a person sleeps on their back, narrowing the airway.

Cause of snoring (7) | Old age:

As people get older, their sleeping habits change. Some people fall asleep later as they get older, so their tiredness does not go away with a single nap. Aging also affects their snoring, so the muscles of the throat and tongue become more relaxed, causing the tail to vibrate and cause snoring.

Cause of snoring (8) | overweight :

In the article “The best and simplest ways to quickly treat snoring” in the previous section on moist health, we said that being overweight can threaten people’s health in every way and can also cause snoring. Being overweight can weaken the muscle tissue and increase the tissue around the neck and throat and can be one of the main causes of nocturnal noises in the throat.

Cause of snoring (9) |Large lymph nodes and tonsils:

Anything that blocks the flow of air can cause a cough. ASONOR® is a simple solution to stop snoring.

Cause of snoring (10) | Respiratory disturbance disorder:

This disorder causes the person to be unable to breathe while sleeping, and as a result, the tissue behind the throat is destroyed, blocking the airflow and causing a severe reduction in oxygen uptake, which can occur many nights.

In all cases, when the airway is narrowed, signals are sent from the brain to the body to wake the body to receive more oxygen, and as a result, the person wakes up unconsciously without realizing why.

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