“BioNikeĀ® for the Sake of Sensitive Skin”

šŸ”“”BioNikeĀ® for the Sake of Sensitive Skin” āœ… ICIM International is an Italian company founded in Milano in the 1930s as a pharmaceutical company and is today renowned in Italy and abroad thanks to BioNikeĀ®, a leading dermo-cosmetic brand. āœ… BioNikeĀ® means “Victory of Life” and communicates its mission: to design and offer innovative quality … Read more

Do You Know Why Some Makeup Products Are More Expensive Than Others?

Manufacturers talk about ā€œHigher Qualityā€ What does ā€œHigher Qualityā€ in makeup products mean? There are many reasons, one major one is the ingredients used in the process of manufacturing the makeup products. For example, Nickel, Chromium, Mercury, Cobalt & Palladium are potentially toxic metals that might pollute the ingredients of cosmetics. Credible manufacturers test their … Read more