How to Stop Snoring? | a complete guideline

How to stop snoring

What is snoring? Snoring occurs when you can not pass air freely through your nose and throat during sleep. It causes the tissues around these organs to vibrate and produce the familiar sound of snoring. Those who snore usually have extra tissue in their nose and throat or the tissue in these areas is “loose” … Read more


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In this article, we review the Butterfly Campaign of BioNike®. This campaign has been created to celebrate BioNike®’s 60th anniversary, BioNike® flies together with the Italian Butterflies. It is for the DEFENCE COLOR campaign in collaboration with the athletes of the Italian National Rhythmic Gymnastics Team and Beauty Partner of the Italian Gymnastics Federation. (BioNike®, … Read more


Asonor how to use in 3 easy steps

ASONOR Anti-Snoring Solution ASONOR is an ANTI-SNORING nasal spray, its action lubricates and slightly tightens the throat muscles, avoiding the unpleasant SNORING produced by air obstruction. Asonor® is a simple and effective treatment.  ASONOR® HOW TO USE IN 3 EASY STEPS: Tilt your head back while lying down (preferably). Apply 4 to 6 times in … Read more

How to prevent and treat dry throat snoring?

prevent dry throat snoring

The most obvious sign that you are snoring is the sound; The snoring sound that we all know and do not like. Other symptoms include dry mouth or sore throat after waking up. Use a fumigator to prevent dry throat snoring Fumigator helps to keep the air humid and thus can eliminate snoring caused by … Read more

Stop Snoring Solutions | Have you ever tested the Nutrition for that?


What is the best stop snoring solutions? What are the treatments for the sound you produce in your sleep? There is a lot of treatments and information on the internet about “stop snoring solutions“, but not all tips work. In this section of Blueskybest, we have some tips that work well. Some solutions such as … Read more

10 Cause of snoring | Why do we snore?

why do we snore? cause snore

Why do we snore? What is the Cause of snoring? Snoring is a relatively loud sound due to the passage of air through the throat tissue, causing the tissues to vibrate slightly when breathing. For some people, this snoring can cause chronic problems and is sometimes a sign of a critical problem. Most of the … Read more



SNORE LESS – SLEEP MORE – USE ASONOR SNORING NASAL SPRAY!  Everything about ASONOR® snoring nasal spray HERE’S HOW YOU CAN START SLEEPING LIKE AN ANGEL & STOP BOTHERING YOUR LOVED ONES! Are you a loud snorer? Do you keep your family awake at night? Do you sound like a train engine? Now you don’t have … Read more

Throat spray for snoring can prevent the dry throat in the morning

dry throat snoring in morning

What causes a dry throat? Treatment of dry throat and mouth by a throat spray for snoring Do you wake up in the morning with a dry throat and find it harder to swallow? Doesn’t dry throat go away even with drinking water? There are many causes for dry throat and mouth, this complication may … Read more

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You have probably heard your hair-colorist tell you to avoid ammonia in hair dye or seen your favourite instagram model promote this new ammonia free hair color on their page and you’ve wondered, what is the big deal? To answer that question, we need to understand the following topics: Why is ammonia used in hair … Read more

What should parents do with snoring in children?

snoring in children

Snoring in children Snoring includes sounds that occur during sleep due to obstruction of some airways to the mouth. Opening and closing the airway causes tissue in the throat to vibrate. The loudness of the sound depends on how much air passes through the ducts and how strong the vibration is. Three- to four-year-olds tend … Read more

Snoring in pregnancy | Why do you snore during pregnancy?

Snoring in pregnancy

Snoring in pregnancy | Why do you snore during pregnancy? Snoring in pregnancy can also indicate alertness.  Are you one of those who said: “I never snore”. “It is impossible for me to snore”. “I have never snored nor would I snore”?. And now that you are pregnant you snore like a bear and you do … Read more