Ammonia in Hair Dye and 3 of its Side Effects

You have probably heard your hair-colorist tell you to avoid ammonia in hair dye or seen your favourite instagram model promote this new ammonia free hair color on their page and you’ve wondered, what is the big deal?

To answer that question, we need to understand the following topics:

  • Why is ammonia used in hair dye?
  • What are the side effects of ammonia in hair dye?
  • Alternatives: ammonia free permanent hair colour
  • Ammonia free hair dye benefits

What is Ammonia?

Ammonia is a colorless gas and a building-block chemical that is used to manufacture many products that we use daily. It occurs naturally in our environment and in the human body – your body makes ammonia to break down pieces of food containing protein into amino acids. You can also find ammonia in fertilizers, household cleaning products, water purifiers, pharmaceuticals and many more products.

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What is the Purpose of Ammonia in Hair Dye?

The answer is simple: by raising the PH level of the hair, ammonia opens the hair cuticle and inserts the hair color into the hair.

What are the Side Effects of Ammonia in Hair Dye?

3 Side Effects of Ammonia in Hair Dye

  1. the hair cuticle is damaged when it is constantly opened. Overtime your hair loses its natural shine and becomes dry and brittle. After spending lots of money to get a new hair color, you are now faced with a greater fee to repair the damages done to your hair.
  2. According to the Department of Health and Human Services, ammonia can expose you and your hair-colorist to the following irritations:
  • Nose
  • Throat
  • Respiratory System
  • Eyes
  • Skin

      3. When used in a higher concentration, ammonia can even cause burns to the skin.


What are the side effects of ammonia in hair dye? Your hair will lose its natural shine and moisture with the use of hair dye with ammonia and you will have to pay a greater fee to repair the damages. As well, exposure to ammonia can result in irritations and even burns in higher concentrations.

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The Solution: Color & Soin®

An Alternative Ammonia Free Permanent Hair Colour

Now that we know the “big deal” around ammonia in hair dye, what is an alternative we can use? Color & Soin ®, is an ammonia free permanent hair colour with plant extracts. It has been formulated with powerful natural active ingredients, therefore respecting the essential health of the hair.

The plant extracts used in the formulation of the Color & Soin ® are:

  • Wheat protein
  • Oat protein
  • Corn protein
  • Soy protein
  • Coconut oil
  • Rosemary essential oil
  • Eucalyptus essential oil 

Color & Soin ® is formulated WITHOUT:

  • Ammonia: Corrosive to the skin, eyes, and lungs.
  • Resorcinol: Causes skin and eye irritation.
  • Parabens: Have ESTROGEN-like effect & their carcinogenicity is under debate. This is why it is advised to use ammonia free hair color during pregnancy + by men
  • Silicone: May cause damage to the hair & as it bio-degrades slowly, it’s not good for the environment.

More than just a hair dye, it is also a treatment. Its natural oleo-protein complex has been specially formulated to protect the hair structure during the coloring process, therefore offering hydration, suppleness and shine!

The result: Hair that is bursting with health and a colour that remains fresh & and radiant week after week!

We want to keep your hair healthy and colourful, that is why with Color & Soin you can discover a huge palette of 34 shades, every one rich, deep and radiant! From ebony black to light ash blond, from the most natural to the most intense highlights, you are certain to find the shade for you!

Ammonia Free Hair Dye Benefits

4 Benefits of Hair Dye without Ammonia

Here is a list of benefits of using a permanent hair dye with natural plant extracts and without ammonia:

  1. Soft hair & silky shine after each coloration.
  2. Healthy and hydrated hair.
  3. Good for sensitive scalps.
  4. Radiant and naturally vibrant hair.

Conclusion: Use Ammonia free hair dye

In conclusion, you should avoid ammonia in hair dye because:

  • Ammonia is used in hair dye to bust through your hair cuticles.
  • Ammonia dries your hair, causes irritations, not cost efficient, and puts your health at risk.
  • Color & Soin ®, is an ammonia free permanent hair colour made with plant extracts that is a rich and vibrant hair dye without ammonia
  •  What are the benefits of ammonia free hair dye? Ammonia free hair dye benefits are soft, silky, healthy and radiant hair.


Article by: Diba D


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    • Hi,
      Thank you for your nice words and delighted to hear that you are happy with Color & Soin Hair colors. Producing ammonia free hair colors is more difficult than producing regular colors, that is why the number of different shades are less in this range. At the time being there are only 34 shades available, and unfortunately grey silver is not in between them. Sorry 😢😢


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