Who We Are


about bluesky best canada cosmetics distributor

Our Approach

Bluesky Best is a Canadian importer & distributor who specializes in health, beauty, and cosmetic products. We pride ourselves in providing our country Canadians with exclusive health care products from around the world that has not yet hit this market.

Our Story

Bluesky Best (Bluesky Equipment & Supplies Team Inc.) was created and founded in 2010 by Babak Goneili, MD who had a passion in finding the most beneficial and affordable health care products from the international market. His mission is to be able to provide these unique products to the Canadian market and give Canada an equal opportunity compared to the Giant brands in attaining top of the line beauty and health regiments. Currently, Bluesky Best deals with carefully chosen European & other unique international manufacturers that are well-known for high-quality products.

We Ship from Canada

We ship directly from our warehouse in Toronto. So no extra customs duty or currency exchange costs will incur when you buy from BLUESKY BEST. We also offer “FREE SHIPMENT” on certain amounts of purchase. This amount changes from time to time, to get the latest update, go to our HOME PAGE.

Browse our BioNike products

BioNike is an Italian based Health and Beauty line that prides itself in hypoallergenic products. Please visit our shop to find out more.