Anti-snoring spray, does it really work?

anti-snoring spray

Anti-snoring spray, does it work? According to a WHO study, 40% of adults do not sleep well. There are many reasons why one may have trouble sleeping. Among the most common are snoring. Snoring affects a large part of the population. Men and women suffer from this problem. Anti-snoring sprays have become a popular remedy … Read more

Prevent Dry Throat with ASONOR®

prevent dry throat snoring

The most obvious sign that you are snoring is the sound; The snoring sound that we all know and do not like. Other symptoms include dry mouth or sore throat after waking up. Use a fumigator to prevent dry throat snoring Fumigator helps to keep the air humid and thus can eliminate snoring caused by … Read more

Stop snoring solution | The best relief from snoring

stop sonring solution

The Best Relief From Snoring Have you ever had your partner, family, or friends complaining about you making noises from your mouth or nose when you fell asleep? Have you ever had to sleep in a separate room away from your partner so that they will be able to sleep, and get rid of the … Read more

How to Stop Snoring? | a complete guideline

How to stop snoring

What is snoring? Snoring occurs when you can not pass air freely through your nose and throat during sleep. It causes the tissues around these organs to vibrate and produce the familiar sound of snoring. Those who snore usually have extra tissue in their nose and throat or the tissue in these areas is “loose” … Read more

“BioNike® for the Sake of Sensitive Skin”

?”BioNike® for the Sake of Sensitive Skin” ✅ ICIM International is an Italian company founded in Milano in the 1930s as a pharmaceutical company and is today renowned in Italy and abroad thanks to BioNike®, a leading dermo-cosmetic brand. ✅ BioNike® means “Victory of Life” and communicates its mission: to design and offer innovative quality … Read more

Do You Know Why Some Makeup Products Are More Expensive Than Others?

Manufacturers talk about “Higher Quality” What does “Higher Quality” in makeup products mean? There are many reasons, one major one is the ingredients used in the process of manufacturing the makeup products. For example, Nickel, Chromium, Mercury, Cobalt & Palladium are potentially toxic metals that might pollute the ingredients of cosmetics. Credible manufacturers test their … Read more

Snoring: Causes & Solution


  What is snoring? Snoring is the raspy noise produced in the nose & throat during deep sleep. It arises when breathing is obstructed. For instance, a common cold or an anatomical irregularity in the nose or throat. In addition, the most common cause of snoring is the relaxation of the muscles around the throat … Read more

Hair Dye Features & Benefits

Benefits Safer than regular hair dyes for pregnant women and people with sensitive skin due to the lack of harmful chemicals Due to the vegetal extracts, it conditions, nourishes and softens the hair giving it a silky shine & feel. Very gentle on the scalp skin Covers 100% of grey hair Less risks of allergies … Read more

Nasaleze Benefits & Features

Allery Blocker products Nasaleze

Benefits Prevents sneezing and runny nose Relief from hay fever symptoms and other airborne allergens Ideal for dust and pet allergies No side effects Does not absorb to the body Features Delivered through the nose All-natural allergy preventer that forms a thin gel lining in the nose that acts as a barrier to block airborne … Read more