Hair Dye Features & Benefits

color and soin


  • Safer than regular hair dyes for pregnant women and people with sensitive skin due to the lack of harmful chemicals
  • Due to the vegetal extracts, it conditions, nourishes and softens the hair giving it a silky shine & feel.
  • Very gentle on the scalp skin
  • Covers 100% of grey hair
  • Less risks of allergies and irritation
  • Available in 31 colors
  • Suitable also for men

Hair Dye Feature


  • Free of Ammonia (corrosive), Paraben (estrogen like effect, possible carcinogenicity), Resorcinol (Skin & eye irritant) and Silicone (environmentally harmful)
  • Dermatological tested
  • Contains : Wheat, Oat, Corn & Soy protein & Coconut, Rosemary & Eucalyptus oil. All together hydrating, conditioning and nourishing the hair along with the dying process, thus the name SOIN (meaning CARE in French). Shine & softness is the result after dying the hair
  • Made in France
  • Number 1 selling hair dye in France pharmacies for over 12 years

Frequently Asked Questions


Why should one think of switching to Color & Soin®?

It does not contain 4 harmful chemicals which are irritating & allergenic and there is evidence of possible carcinogenicity of parabens. Furthermore, due to the plant extracts contained in the foundation, it nourishes and provides care for hair after coloring resulting in radiant, shining and soft hair.

Is Color & Soin® suitable for men and women?


Why is it safer for pregnant women to use Color & Soin®?

Color & Soin® does not contain parabens which have estrogen-like effects with the possibility of effecting hormonal balance.

Why is it better for men to use Color & Soin®?

Color & Soin® does not contain parabens. Parabens have an estrogen-like effect which can interfere with male hormonal balance.

Where is Color & Soin® made?

Made by 3 CHENES laboratories in France (

How long has Color & Soin® been in the market?

More than 15 years and it has been best selling hair dye in France’s pharmacies for the last 12 years (65% of the market).

In which countries can Color & Soin® be found?

Color & Soin is available in pharmacies in 55 countries, including France, England, Germany, Italy, Canada, Australia, Russia, Japan, South Korea, China etc.

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